Blogger Recipient: Nicole Ruiz Hudson

I’m thrilled to introduce Nicole Ruiz Hudson, a food and drink writer and educator currently living in Oakland, California.

She’s happiest nipping, sipping, and hiking her way through new places. Above all, she loves how wine makes friends.

Her excitement about meeting so many wine writers and content products from around the country (and world) is palatable as we approach the conference – wine and friendship? This is a perfect pairing!

She grew up around the hotel industry and has lived all around the U.S. as well as Valencia, Venezuela.  After graduating from Harvard University, Nicole worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles until thoughts of food and wine got the better of her.

Upon moving to New York City, she made the switch and went to culinary school at the International Culinary Center, following it up with a WSET Diploma and Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. That’s quite a pedigree!

She spent three years in the Tasting Department at Wine Spectator in New York, and is now extremely excited to be back in California. You’ll now find her part-time at Bay Grape in Oakland.

You can also find her recipes with wine pairings regularly on There are also more food and travel adventures on her own blogs,, as well as her latest project,

We are looking forward to meeting you Nicole!

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Donor Profile: Amanda Maynard wines!


Amanda Maynard is a Wineing Woman.  Only 25, she is currently working in the wine industry from her home town of Boston.  As an attendee, and scholarship recipient at the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, Amanda knows first hand how important the scholarship and the WBC are.

At 21, she started her love affair with wine.  The more she drank it, the more she was fascinated by it.  In the early stages of her tasting career, she happened across a WSET Intermediate course which inspired her to learn more about wine, and challenged her to think about wine in depth.

Last year, in Walla Walla, she met other bloggers, was inspired by other attendees, and learned from rock stars of the wine world about different styles of writing and blogging, as well as developing lasting friendships with other attendees.  Attending the conference gave her more perspective of why she blogs and why she is passionate about wine.

Keep up the good work Amanda!  Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, and for supporting the next generation of WBC Scholarship recipiants!

Please say hi to Amanda on TWITTER nad check out her blog, The Wining Woman!





Blogger Profile: Chandra Savage

Chandra Savage wants mo’ wine!  In fact, she writes a blog by the same name, Mo Wine!- Wine, Mishaps and More.  She began blogging in 2010 while studying for her Intermediate WSET certificate at the International Wine Center, and the blog took off after that.  Once she passed her exam, she started preparing for the Advanced course, which opened up more of the wine world to her.

Chandra looks forward to attending her first Wine Bloggers Conference in Virginia so she can better understand how to blog in a more concise way, while interacting with people in a live environment.  Sharing her “passionate newbie” experience helps her readers enjoy wine more.

We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks Chandra!  Please stop by and welcome her at Mo Wine!