Andrea Robinson to Keynote Wine Bloggers Conference

It is with great delight that we are pleased to welcome Andrea Robinson, Master Sommelier, as our keynote speaker this summer in Lodi!

Andrea was raised in southern Indiana, and attended college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. It was at SMU that her love of wine was fostered.  She graduated with a degree in economics, and began working as an investment banker; after a fateful Charles Krug tasting, she quit banking and started traveling, with an eye on learning more about wine.

After returning from Europe, she started working at the illustrious Windows on the World in New York, ,where she made history as being the restaurants first female cellar master.

One of only  26 women in the world to hold the title Master Sommelier, Andrea has achieved a long list of wine related accolades including 3  James Beard awards, Best Sommelier in the US (the first woman!), and the Dean of Wine Studies for the French Culinary Institute. In addition to these numerous awards, she has written four top selling wine books, hosting several tv shows, and has created a series of wine glasses for everyday use.  These accomplishments serve as an inspiration for women in the wine world globally.

As with all who achieve greatness, and inspiration status, there is the possibility of the next brightest star. They could easily be waiting in the wings, but are unable to attend the conference due to lack of funding. Be part of the solution! Donate to the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship fund today so the next generation of empowered, smart, savvy women in the wine world can further their education, wine knowledge, and network.

Editor’s Note:

We are so excited to welcome Andrew Robinson back to the Wine Bloggers Conference!  In 2010, she joined us in Walla Walla, and has been a proud supporter of wine writing throughout the years.  She joins a long list of powerful women who have seen the value in the Wine Bloggers Conference, including Jancis Robinson and Karen MacNail (former keynote speakers).  We are proud to support diversity in digital wine writing.  With our partnership with EthniFacts, we strive to support rising women wine writers.  Lodi boasts many world class female winemakers as well as strong female family leaders that are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Lodi wine families.  We hope you will consider supporting an emerging Woman Wine Writer today by donating to the WBC Scholarship fund!  If you would like to earmark your donations for the diversity grant, please include a note in your donation form.

Corporate Donor: Rodney Strong Wine Blogger Scholarship!

Rodney Strong Vineyards
The wine business has always been about relationships.  Over the last 8 years, as I have been to the Wine Bloggers Conference, Robert Larsen of Rodney Strong Vineyards has shown this in spades.  Once again, in 2015, Rodney Strong has stepped up to the plate and continued to support the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Fund with the formation of the Rodney Strong Wine Blogger Scholarship.

Rodney Strong has always been intimately involved with bloggers, and the Bloggers Conference, reaching out and building relationships that have lasted.  Through unique experiences, tastings, and great group events, Robert and his team have built social awareness through friendship and fun.  That’s the way to do social kids!  Did I mention that they throw great events?  I highly recommend that you stop by the winery if you are in Healdsburg, and check out some of the great options – like the newly opened Terrace, food some great food & wine treats.

11401312_10204831286477434_5110769601301197844_nThis year, the Rodney Strong Wine Blogger Scholarship is specifically aimed at a blogger who exhibits quality, quantity, consistency, and a community spirit.  This year, that award goes to Matt McGinnis of What Are You Drinking.  We all agree, that Matt is a rock star and we can’t wait to have him join us at his first Wine Bloggers Conference!

Laura PerretThis year, Robert is joined by Social Media Manager Laura Perret, who will be attending her first WBC!  Make sure you stop by and say hi to them both.  We are excited to have your continued support and look forward to mingling with you in the Finger Lakes!


 Look for Robert in Corning, or reach out to him on Twitter.
Laura can be found behind the @RSVineyards and @davisbynumwines handles, as well as her own Twitter handle.


That’s a wrap!

I still have to finish all of my individual thank yous for all of the support and great bloggers we’re getting to Virginia.

But, with 14 short days left until the 4th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference commences in Charlottesville, I just wanted to make sure that we shared all the good news!

This year, we have fourteen blogger recipiants.  This is a new record!  The Scholarship is in its third year, and I’m seeing the number 20 for next year!

The bloggers are:

  1. Nannette Eaton – Wine Harlots | @wineharlots
  2. Denise Medrano  – The Wine Sleuth | @winesleauthuk
  3. Jason Phelps – Ancient Fire Wine | @ancientfirewine
  4. Rich Reader – VineBuzz | @vinebuzz
  5. Chandra Savage – Mo Wine
  6. Lorie Perrone – Wining Ways
  7. Kris Chislett – Blog Your Wine@krischislett
  8. Douglass Trapasso – Chicago Pinot | @demilove
  9. Raelinn Doty – Wine Ophelia | @raelinn_wine
  10. Bridget Cheslock  – Glamourous Gourmet Girl
  11. Charlotte Chipperfield – The Wine Key
  12. Kathleen Rake – Between the Vines | @kathleenrake
  13. Jon Thorsen – Reverse Wine Snob |@reversewinesnob
  14. Kay Zink – A to Zinfandel

Our corporate sponsors, who have our undying gratitute and support!
Amy Corron Power – Another Wine Blog | @winewonkette
Melanie Ofenrich – Dallas Wine Chick | @melanie0
Joe Herrig – Suburban Wino | @suburbanwino
Liza Swift – Brix Chicks | @brixchicks_liza
Amanda Maynard – Wineing Woman | @wineingwoman
Megan Kenney – Wannabe Wino | @sonadora
Scott Wadlow – The Vino File | @thevinofile
Debbie Gioquindo – Hudson Valley Wine Goddess | @hvwinegoddess

The Committee
Thea Dwelle – Luscious Lushes (yeah ok that’s me but hey, I need blog love too!) | @luscious_lushes
Amy Corron Power – Another Wine Blog | @winewonkette
Jason Mancebo – $20 Wine Blog | @20dollarwine

Congrats to our bloggers and thank you to our donors, and our committee!
Please take a moment to reach out to everyone and say hey.
If you’re in Virginia, come by and see me – I have cool namebag swag!  Each badge ribbon is $2, 3 for $5, and all proceeds go to support the scholarship next year.
We have:


Blogger Profile: Kris Chislett will Blog Your Wine!

Kris Chislett tries to represent “regular people” when writing about wine on his blog, Blog Your Wine.  Originally from England, Kris now lives in Florida where he tries to connect consumers and wineries with social media.  Armed with his Certified Sommeliers (Court of Master Sommeliers) flag as well as a Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators) badge, he blogs about wine in an unpretentious, user-friendly, fun,  interactive way.

He first started pursuing wine while in college studying Hospitality Business Management.  Observing every aspect of the Hospitality Industry that you can imagine, including a memorable stint at McD’s for a few weeks, Kris is somewhat shocked how little people actually understand about wine.  In 5 years of school for Hospitality Management, he had just over two hours of time devoted tot he subject.  That is pretty surprising when you think about how much the bar manager has to do with the hospitality industry in general.  As he started learning more about the subject, he discovered that often times self-declared “wine snobs” are always the people that know the least amount about wine.

This still hold true to a certain extent, and Kris reads many wine magazines and a lot of wine blogs.  Building his blog on the premise that most people who read these magazines do not have a lot of knowledge about wine, he tries to keep his site simple, informative and educational.

Kris has never attended any type of wine blogger event, and we are looking forward to interacting with him in Charlottesville!  Please give him a shout out on TWITTER and check out the blog.  It’s pretty cool!


Donor Profile: Joe Herrig, the Suburban Wino

Joe Herrig is The Suburban Wino blogging to y’all from the Peachtree State, just outside of Atlanta.  Joe is one of those rare specimens, that Atlanta blogger!  In the company of greatness included Hardy Wallace of Dirty South Wine and Ed Thralls of Wine Tonite, Joe brings us food and wine adventures sure to tickle even the ficklest palate.

Blogging since 2008, he has earned his CSW credential after much research many tasting and events.  Like most wine bloggers, Joe toils away his days at a regular job, but spends his free time tasting, tweeting, and writing.  With a Journalism degree, it’s a perfect combination!

Joe is a veteran WBC attendee and we are looking forward to seeing him in Virginia.

Give Joe a shout out on TWITTER and stop by his blog to check it out!  You can also bug him on Facebook HERE, since I know he’d appreciate that.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Donor Profile: The Dallas Wine Chick, Melanie Ofenloch!

Melanie Ofenloch is the Dallas Wine Chick!  Her philosophy is great, and pretty much sums it up:  no wine snobs allowed.  In her real life day job, Melanie is a PR and Marketing professional, but her passion is drinking wine.  She’s a great resource, and a lot of fun and we thank her for her support!

Melanie is more than your average Josephine wine drinker, but she is modest about her wine drinking skills.  She’s not a sommelier, winery owner, wine marketer or wine expert (who says?) but she is very knowledgeable and share that on her blog, Dallas Wine Chick.  She loves to discover new wines and share, and supports other bloggers in doing this.

Melanie will be with us in Virginia, and we thank her for her support of the WBC Scholarship!  Please give her a shout out when you see her in Charlottesville and stop by her blog and ping her on twitter!


WBC fills up fast!

Dateline:  Walla Walla

Join wine bloggers, new media innovators, and wine industry leaders on June 25-27 as they converge on Walla Walla, Washington for the 2010 North American Wine Bloggers Conference – the premier conference for new media and the wine industry.  This three day symposium builds on our past successes and brings you a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss the intersection of wine with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more.

For the first time this year, the WBC is actively pursing Foodies and Food Bloggers to take part in the conference;wouldn’t it be great to have food bloggers at the ready to help us write about pairing the delicious washington treats we are going to have?

But beware!  As of February 3rd, the number of  registered participants has surpassed the total number of participants who attended the conference in the past.  This is amazing news, and it means that the secret is out!  The Wine Bloggers Conference has exploded in its 3rd year, and the buzz is going viral.  There are more people who want to attend than the WBC can accommodate, so if you want to go, please be sure to register early.  Space is going fast, and the host hotel only has 100 rooms for us.  The slow pokes will be stuck down the street and we all know what happens after hours at the WBC hotel.

As we are getting busier and busier, the Scholarship is starting to fall behind demand.  As of today, we have 7 applications, and I fully expect to have a flurry closer to the May 7th deadline.  Many of you have been generous in your donations, both as private citizens and corporate donors.  We thank you for your support!  For the rest of you, if you are a blogger or you value social media, won’t you consider giving up that extra cup of blue Bottle coffee, and donate today?

Thanks for your support!