Blogger Profile: Kayla Koroush of The Barrel Theif


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Kayla Koroush, the California Barrel Thief, wants to show you how to pair wine with French fries!  Blogging since 2013, Kayla Koroush’s approach is that wine, and the knowledge that comes along with it, should be accessible to everyone. She wishes to “push the industry in front of the people and show them the artistry and passion”. She also aims to take the pompousness out of wine by delivering content that is relatable and relevant in all walks of life.

Her passion for wine came through winery visits. Those visits turned into a deeper curiosity and she left her job as a preschool teacher to work in the wine industry.

This is Kayla’s first WBC. Read more about her at Le Barrel Theif or follow

her on Twitter at @CABarrelThief!

Blogger Recipient: Alex Down

 Alex Down is The Riesling Revolutionary!  With a passion for Riesling, the thrilling balance of acidity, complex citrusy flavors and ability to respond to vineyard character really makes Alex’s passion come alive.

He has a particular passion for German Riesling, where he first stumbled upon this magical grape variety.

Alex strives to help wine lovers in the UK understand Riesling, spreading the Riesling gospel, one post at a time.

This will be Alex’s first Wine Bloggers Conference, and as he spends a lot of time evangelizing wine in the UK, he is looking forward to sharing notes about his favorite wines with wine lovers from around the world.  He is also looking forward to trying some delicious Riesling from the US, and expanding his knowledge to include California Riesling from our host region of Santa Barbara County.

We look forward to seeing you in Buellton Alex!

Please stop by and say hello to him at @AlexDownWine on twitter!

Blogger Profile: Charlotte Chipperfield is “The-Key”

Blogging at The-Wine-Key, Charlotte Chipperfield brings everything wine, tasting notes, restaurant reviews, her favorite quotes and her industry commentary to her readers with wit and humor.

Her passion for food and wine was born after her experiences with wine on two continents and she’s now immersed in everything wine — evidenced by the fact that she’s currently studying for and seeking her Sommelier certification.

We’re looking forward to seeing Charlotte for her first WBC in just a few days, but in the mean time, please say hello to her on Twitter at @simplygrapes







Donor Profile: I know it’s SOMEWHERE in the “Vino File”

Spoiler Alert: Scholarship Redux….well, kind of.

Scott Wadlow, the publisher of “The Vino File” brings a wonderful voice of character to the wine blogosphere.

Of course, Scott writes interesting wine reviews on a range of varietals and types of wines. He uses a well defined point scoring system, likes to educate his readers and, of course, be educated by them and also appreciates an interaction on a variety of mediums including on twitter where he answers to @thevinofile.

..and while Scott likes to engage his readers for a variety of reasons the one he’s most excited about is plain old FUN. That’s right. Nothing complicated, no creative adjectives or $10 words. Fun.

There’s great transparency in the simple things. Nothing to get in the way. Nothing to confuse. Read some reviews, drink some wine, engage in a discussion or two, learn a bit, teach a bit. Simple. FUN!  I think what Scott is getting at is, for him, it’s not about the technical geekdom of a wine but rather about the experiences that wine brings to enhancing life.

It’s quite nice to see that enhancing life is a big part of his “Raison d’être“….and now to the REDUX part. Scott was a WBC Scholarship recipient in 2010. I met him in Walla Walla, WA for the first time and really enjoyed his take on blogging. This year, he returns the favor so that someone else may enjoy the experience that he did, may meet new friends and colleagues and might just learn how to have some fun!



Blogger Profile: Kay Zink writes about wine, A to Zinfandel

Kay Zink has always had a love of all things international, including international wines.  Earning a dual Bachelors Degree inn Business and French, Kay’s passion for the world didn’t stop there.  She plowed through her Master’s in International Marketing and further studies in French.  Phew!  Not to be marked an underachiever, she left Texas for Wall Street in the 80s.  Jump forward a few years, and Kay was driving around LA.  A career change landed her in IT (yay! Us wine bloggers have a bit of an IT posse going here), she left the tech world in 2007 to focus on wine.

After this wild ride in the professional world, Kay pursued a formal study of wine.  She currently holds a Wine Fundamentals 1 Diploma from the International Sommelier Guild and is now working towards her CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) certification.  In her spare time, she is a member of hte Wine Century Club, where you taste 100 varietals of wine to earn a certificate of achievement.

New to the blogging world, Kay has been a wine consultant and has a large following on Facebook.  She also runs a boutique social media and online marketing firm that specializes in wine and food.  She is looking forward to honing her blogging skills and learning how to document her ourney of education and self renewal as well as meeting some of the finest and most influential bloggers at the WBC.

Welcome Kay!  I look forward to meeting you and sharing our wealth of knowledge!

Please check out Kay’s blog and her Facebook. She can also be found on Twitter!


Blogger Profile: A Glamourous Gormet, Bridget Cheslock

Bridget Cheslock is a Jill of all trades.  First are foremost, she is a Certified Sommelier, but is also an actress and cook.  She is currently pursuing her WSET Diploma, Master of Wine, and has always wanted to go to the WBC.

Through her site Glamourous Gourmet Girl, she travels around the world in a bottle, sharing her experiences.  This will be her first Wine Bloggers Conference and she is excited about hearing Jancis Robinson deliver the keynote.  We look forward to seeing her soon and reading more of her posts!  Please give her a shout out on TWITTER and check out the blog!



Blogger Profile – Jon Thorsen is NOT a wine snob

Jon Thorsen is the “Reverse Wine Snob” where he reviews wines under $20. Jon describes himself as “A wine consumer trying

to find great grape without breaking the bank!” He’s a first time WBC attendee, so please reach out and say hello if you see him there.

Based in Minnesota, Jon has a really interesting scoring method where he places value on both quality and price (QPR) in a balanced manner. Check out his rating system and try a few of his budget priced recommended bottles.


..and be sure to follow the Reverse Wine Snob on Twitter!



Blogger Profile: Douglas Trapasso drinks Chicago Pinot

Douglass Trapasso lives and works in Chicago, where he works for the public school system and also on his WSET certification.  As Chicago Pinot, Douglas was thrilled with Charlottesville was chosen to host the Wine Bloggers Conference, as his sister always brings back treats from the area over the holidays.

He has tasted many wines from Virginia, and enjoys experimenting with different areas and tasting wines from all over the country as well as the world.  Since many wines are difficult to find locally, Douglas is easter to share his notes on Virginia wine with his local wine community in Chicago, including his network of distributors and sommeliers.

We look forward to reading more from Chicago Pinot and welcome him to Virgina in a few days!

Please say hi to him on TWITTER and check out the blog!



    Blogger Profile: Kris Chislett will Blog Your Wine!

    Kris Chislett tries to represent “regular people” when writing about wine on his blog, Blog Your Wine.  Originally from England, Kris now lives in Florida where he tries to connect consumers and wineries with social media.  Armed with his Certified Sommeliers (Court of Master Sommeliers) flag as well as a Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators) badge, he blogs about wine in an unpretentious, user-friendly, fun,  interactive way.

    He first started pursuing wine while in college studying Hospitality Business Management.  Observing every aspect of the Hospitality Industry that you can imagine, including a memorable stint at McD’s for a few weeks, Kris is somewhat shocked how little people actually understand about wine.  In 5 years of school for Hospitality Management, he had just over two hours of time devoted tot he subject.  That is pretty surprising when you think about how much the bar manager has to do with the hospitality industry in general.  As he started learning more about the subject, he discovered that often times self-declared “wine snobs” are always the people that know the least amount about wine.

    This still hold true to a certain extent, and Kris reads many wine magazines and a lot of wine blogs.  Building his blog on the premise that most people who read these magazines do not have a lot of knowledge about wine, he tries to keep his site simple, informative and educational.

    Kris has never attended any type of wine blogger event, and we are looking forward to interacting with him in Charlottesville!  Please give him a shout out on TWITTER and check out the blog.  It’s pretty cool!


    Blogger Profile: Lorie Perrone has Wining Ways!

    Lorie Perrone has always had an interest in wine.  Being an East Coaster, there werent’ as many opportunities to attend courses at places like UC Davis.  Facing this challenge, Lorie started an intense program of self learning.  Eventually landing a job with a wine importer, this afforded Lorie the the opportunity learn the business from the producers’ and wholesalers’ point of view.

    Getting the same questions asked over and over again, Lorie started a blog to answer them and help people that were just beginning their wine journey.  Written from the perspective of a “professional amateur expert”, Wining Ways posts about education for people just starting to appreciate wine, professional education, tips, some trivia, and food and wine pairing. By giving people access to the tools decide what they like, Lorie doesn’t focus on specific recommendations.

    As a freelance wine writer, Lorie is looking forward to networking with wine professionals and experienced bloggers.  We look forward to having you and sharing Lorie!

    Check out Wining Ways and give Lorie a shout out on TWITTER!

    See you in Virginia!


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