Selection Process

The WBC Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee of their peers, as well as former recipients.

We critique each submission based on the following:

  • Length of time blogging
  • Consistency and frequency of blogging
  • Prior attendance at a Wine Bloggers Conference
  • Subjective reviews of style and content
  • Prior recipiants of the WBC Scholarship

Final selections are based on both the committees aggregate score based on the above as well as financial need and available accommodation if required.  In some cases this may result in a lower over all score being selected prior to a higher overall score as we attempt to maximize our available funding.

Some important things to consider if you are applying for a bloggership:

  1. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any applicant that we deem inconstant with our goal or message.
  2. You may not apply for a scholarship if you have recieved a scholarship within 3 years of the current application period.
  3.  There is a lifetime funding limit of $1500
  4. If you do not recieve a scholarship in the current year, we encourage you to reapply the following year.

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