Am I valuable?

Really, that is the question that many wine bloggers, and for that matter, many traditional print media authors are asking themselves these days.

How does one measure their value, or the value of an inanimate object?  Value is subjective, and it is difficult to measure innately.  That said, as bloggers continue to spread the love about wines and stories they publish, if YOU my reader are paying attention, my blog and that post become valuable.

If you read a blog, or blogs, and you find value in what the writer is saying, then you are contributing to the value of that blog.  Most bloggers write for the pure love of wine (or whatever they happen to be writing about) and are not in to make money or sell a particular wine.  We dont’ get paid, we occasional get wine sent to us (which I might add is not ALWAYS good wine), and we have day  jobs.

The key in understanding wine bloggers is to know they are sharing information that they want you to know.  If a blogger reviews your wine or winery, they are effectively evangelizing your brand to their reading public.  That is the very definition of word of mouth marketing, in a new format.  For you, this is free advertising that gets more traffic to your site, and quite possibly more bodies in to your establishment.  The power of instant access tools such as twitter allow wine drinkers to review the experience as it happens, and spread that to their followers in real time.  For group tasting, or for people that follow twitter streams but may not be personally aware of your brand, that could mean an unscheduled trip in to your tasting room to check out what the buzz is about.

What could be better than that?

If you belive in bloggers, twitter, or social media in general, won’t you consider donating to our effort?  There are many bloggers that are unemployed, or simply cannot afford to make a trip to the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, washington.  OUr Scholarship aims to select bloggers who wish to learn more about blogging, develop their writing style, and network with other bloggers and industry professionals in a  creative fun enbvornemtn for three days.

Hope to see you there!

WBC fills up fast!

Dateline:  Walla Walla

Join wine bloggers, new media innovators, and wine industry leaders on June 25-27 as they converge on Walla Walla, Washington for the 2010 North American Wine Bloggers Conference – the premier conference for new media and the wine industry.  This three day symposium builds on our past successes and brings you a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss the intersection of wine with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more.

For the first time this year, the WBC is actively pursing Foodies and Food Bloggers to take part in the conference;wouldn’t it be great to have food bloggers at the ready to help us write about pairing the delicious washington treats we are going to have?

But beware!  As of February 3rd, the number of  registered participants has surpassed the total number of participants who attended the conference in the past.  This is amazing news, and it means that the secret is out!  The Wine Bloggers Conference has exploded in its 3rd year, and the buzz is going viral.  There are more people who want to attend than the WBC can accommodate, so if you want to go, please be sure to register early.  Space is going fast, and the host hotel only has 100 rooms for us.  The slow pokes will be stuck down the street and we all know what happens after hours at the WBC hotel.

As we are getting busier and busier, the Scholarship is starting to fall behind demand.  As of today, we have 7 applications, and I fully expect to have a flurry closer to the May 7th deadline.  Many of you have been generous in your donations, both as private citizens and corporate donors.  We thank you for your support!  For the rest of you, if you are a blogger or you value social media, won’t you consider giving up that extra cup of blue Bottle coffee, and donate today?

Thanks for your support!

The Road to WBC!

Wine Blogger's Conference 2010 - Walla Walla, WA
So, as you know, we here at the WBC Scholarship are all about getting a diverse group of bloggers together in Walla Walla to have some great wine, learn a few things, and have a great time.  As you may have read, before & after the official conference, there are excursions to the Yakima Valley and Red Mountain regions.  In addition, several of us are going to Portland for some pre-WBC tasting and fun.

I’d also like to mention that the good folks over at WineCHATr are holding a contest for out of state (non-Washington) bloggers, for a 3 day road trip through wine country.  The WBC-or-Bust campaign is hosting 12 bloggers from Seattle to Walla Walla, and they taste wine, explore the wine regions of Washington, and get to know each other for 2 days before the Wine Bloggers Conference.

The road trip begins on June 23rd in Seattle, where you will be picked up downtown and taken out to Woodinville for an afternoon of wine tasting!  The itinerary is:

  • Food & Wine Pairing at Ste. Michelle
  • Woodinville Grand Tasting at Willows Lodge
  • Lunch at Barking Frog.
  • Palate Refresher at Pike Brewery
  • Ending up at the downtown Renaissance Seattle Hotel
  • A grand Winemaker dinner will close out Day 1

Day 2 you will be carousing through Red Mountain and Yakima, to visit some premier growing areas and wineries.  More information will be available shortly on that day, and you will end up in Walla Walla at the Marcus Whitman for the kick-off to the WBC!

In order to qualify for the “WBC-or-BUST” campaign wine bloggers need only signup on, add a contest badge to their website, and then blog about Washington wine. At the conclusion of the campaign 12 bloggers will win a seat on the all expenses paid road trip headed to Walla Walla and the 2010 WBC.

The contest ends in April 2010 and a total of 12 bloggers will be chosen on the following basis.  Two winners will be chosen for posting the most Washington wine related blog entries (minimum of 150 words required for each post). Six additional winners will be chosen for the best category based posting:

  • Top 2 Best Washington winery posts
  • Top 2 Best Washington wine or tasting note posts
  • Best Washington growing region post
  • Best Washington vineyard post

For all the details on how to enter, head on over to WBC or Bust for the complete rules and instructions.

Special thanks to WineChatr and WBC or Bust for their support of the WBC and the WBC Scholarship!  Creative ideas like this are always welcome, and the unique experience for out of state bloggers is guaranteed to delight.  plus, it’s easier and cheaper to fly to Seattle, so enter and good luck!

Here little birdy!


I would like to thank our host hotel, The Flamingo Hotel & Resort. for putting up a pack of wild wine bloggers for a 2nd year in a row.  Say what you will about the location discussion, The Flamingo did a fantastic job hosting us last year and has also been helpful this year.  Given that the WBC Scholarship Fund is trying to

stretch resources to make sure all bloggers who want to attend the WBC can attend the WBC, The Flamingo has helped us find rooms and work within our budgets.

Additionally, despite an...interesting…stay during Barrel Tasting, when security was apparently called at 11pm because we were talking (grrrr), last summer’s stay and another recent stay for Passport to Dry Creek were very nice experiences indeed.  During Passport, we were warmly greeted with a great sense of humor, and had a great stay.  Thanks to some help from Inside Sonoma, we scored a Deluxe

Double room for a great rate, and had a centrally located hotel, that we knew and were happy with.

The Flamingo has a long history in Sonoma County.  Startin gin 1959, the hotel was known to be the place to go by the Hollywood set, when visiting Northern California.  Movies stars (like Jayne Mansfield below) often lounged by the pool and were seen being seen.

The outFlamingo Signside might appear to be a bit dated, which can either add or take away from its charm depending on the audience, but hte rooms are fully modern and fully comfortable.  The Historical Landmark was orignially designed to be a replica of the Las Vegas

Flamingo icon, dsigned by George Vernon Russell, a well known modernist architech of the 50s.

The Scholarship Committee thanks The Flamingo for thier support!

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