Donor Profile: Dan Goderis

The first in a series of donor profiles, which will be augmented by Blogger Recipiant profiles after June 1st.

Dan Goderis wasn’t able to attend the WBC last year in Walla Walla, but he was generous able to support his fellow bloggers, and give them the opportunity to enjoy good wine, good friends and good food.

Dan is the author of the wine blog The Iowa Wino here in Iowa.  The blog was born out of his passion for tasting wine incidently introduced at his company functions 9 years ago. Hooked immediately, how could Dan tell people what he was tasting and wineries how awesome their juice was without writing it out loud?

Surfing the net, Dan found folks blogging from WBC and after talking with many of you the blog was created.   He professes his love for Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon but tastes all varietals.   He is a financial leader by day, wine nut by night, and a proud University of Illinois Fighting Illini, as well as a loving husband and father.

Dan wants to thank all of us for our guidance and friendship.  He feels that our wisdom of wine motivates him.  Wineries who believe and appreciate the blog reaching readers have provided samples that have introduced Dan to wines not available in Iowa, and he is appreciative of your efforts to broaden your reach.

We thank you Dan and hope to see you in Virginia this year!

The WBC is only 139 days away!

You may be wondering why this little scholarship fund exists, or why you should be considering donating to it.

Fresh back from a wine industry conference in Portugal, I can tell you that BLOGGERS MATTER.  Bloggers are well regarded world wide.  Bloggers intrigue businesses.

Amidst all the broohaha that wine bloggers may or may not be a trustworthy source of information, the bottom line is that – yes, people pay attention to what we are doing.

While at the Wine Pleasures Conference, I presented a session on how businesses of all natures, who are involved in the wine industry, can benefit from working with bloggers.  Somewhat surpirsingly, only a handfull of people understood HOW or WHY they should interact with wine bloggers.  However, after I covered my passionate words on the topic, several attendees were interiges and asked me MORE on how they can become involved.

The net is this:

-Wine Bloggers aren’t going anywhere

-We are a powerful voice

-We are the best use case example of viral marketing the wine industry has seen, givne that we go viral with radom strangers on the internet, sometimes hundreds at a time.

-Bloggers CAN help you sell more wine, by building a solid, returnign fan base

-Blogs are ONE way you can listen to and interact with your consumers

Wine is a long tail business.  Wine Bloggers help you START the conversion, which, o

ver time, can help build these relationships in to strong customers.

On July 22-24, 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia, hundred of bloggers, new media leaders, and industry members will gather for the fourth annual North American Wine Bloggers Conference – the premier conference for new media and the wine industry. This three-day symposium builds on our past successes and brings you a unique opportunity to learn about and discuss the intersection of wine with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more.

During the 3 days, we will attend Educational Sessions: These are panels or speakers who enlighten, engage, and entertain us on a specific topic related to wine blogging. You need not recommend a specific presenter but if you have one in mind – or wish to present yourself – please add that too.

We will listen to Keynote Speakers: We will again have two keynote speakers at the conference and are already working on this. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for speakers, why you think they would be good, and, specifically, whether you have any connection to the speaker. (We don’t think we can get Barack Obama, even if you suggest him.)

We will participate in a Moderated Unconference: We will again try an Unconference, as we did the first year back in 2008, but this year it will be “moderated”. That means we will select the topics and topic leaders in advance. You’ll still have the chance to wander around the ballroom to listen or participate in whichever discussions you wish. This is your opportunity to make sure wine bloggers are discussing items of interest to wine bloggers. Let us know if you’d be happy leading the session you suggest.

We will Ignite Wine!: Our final session on Sunday will be a fun, entertaining program called Ignite Wine! This is where conference participants can get up and spend five minutes talking about what they want to talk about. Topics and speakers do need to be confirmed in advance. The hitch is you need to spend exactly 15 seconds on each of 20 slides you prepare.

However, not everyone can afford to go acorss the country to participate.  That is why this SCholarship Fund exsists.  We assist bloggers who can’t otherwise afford, in full or in part, to attend this important conference.

If you are curious what industry leaders think about the Confernece, check THIS post out, or THIS one, or THIS ONE!

Please, donate today?

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