Blogger Recipient: Jenn Nelson is full of Wine Antics

The WBC Scholarship Fund is delighted to award the Ethnifacts Diversity Grant to Jenn Nelson of Wine Antics.  Adding diversity to the content creation world, beyond blogging, Jenn is a military veteran and has re-invented herself many times over to become Wine Antics.

Jenn is a second-time attendee to the Wine Bloggers Conference, having made the trip to Lodi last year.




Jenn live blogs, mostly via Facebook Live, about wine, beer, and spirits on a weekly basis, and feels the platform best fits with how she enjoys sharing her love of wine with others. Jenn had been doing the Facebook Live wine thing since 2016, but had previously tried different channels before settling on Facebook.

She hales from the DC area and is looking forward to experiencing the WBC in its original home in Sonoma.

Make sure to check out her upcoming Halloween special on Facebook on Thursday 10/26!

Wine Antics (facebook)

Imbibe Live (facebook)






Corporate Donor: Craig Camp of Cornerstone Cellars

Writing a profile for Craig Camp of Cornerstone Cellars. Quite alright though, I’m a huge fan of Craig, so I certainly don’t mind singing his praises every year! Craig was one of the first wine bloggers I “met” via the wine internet world. He got me press passes to an event nearly 8 years ago when no one had really heard of wine bloggers and certainly didn’t consider them press!

Craig has been a long time and fervent supporter of wine bloggers and the Wine Blogger Scholarship. We appreciate his enthusiasm for what we do and his continued support of our scholarship.

As always, we looked forward and enjoyed seeing Craig at the conference!



Blogger Profile: Amy Corron Power of Another Wine Blog

Why do I love Amy Corron Power? Let me count the ways. One, she’s a fellow wine blogging attorney. Two, she’s super smart. Three, she’s damn funny. Four, she is one half a really awesome wine blog, Another Wine Blog.  Five, she and her husband Joe make me completely jealous on Twitter tastings with their amazing food pairings. I’m sure I could keep going for quite some time, but that would become nauseating.

Amy is the recipient of a WBC Scholarship this year, after many years as a staunch supporter of and donor to the fund. We’re delighted that she was chosen and look forward to her always fabulous insights into the conference.

Donor Profile: Tom Wark

TomSpeak-300x266Who doesn’t know Tom Wark? You don’t? And you’re reading this blog about the WBC Scholarship? Get out from under that rock. Tom Wark has been in wine PR since the early 90s and writes the foremost industry wine blog, Fermentation. He’s also a founding father of wine blogging and one of its biggest supporters and critics. That is not meant to be a fault in the least, we must often spend time evaluating the utility of wine blogging and Tom holds no punches when it comes to that exercise.

However, despite his constant questioning of the purpose and utility of wine blogging, Tom has been a strong and consistent supporter of the wine blogger community and the WBC since its inception. A long time participant and donor to the WBC, for the last two years Tom has offered a special incentive to donate to the WBC scholarship: he matches all donations up to $500 that come in during his challenge.  With every penny counting, the dollar for dollar match means more than you can imagine for our fledging scholarship fund.

We salute Tom for his unwavering commitment to wine blogging and hope to have his support for years to come.

Recipient Profile: Kovas Palubinskas

NEWBIE! We are pleased to welcome Kovas Palubinkas (fresh meat) to the 2013 WBC in Penticton. Kovas writes 50 States of Wine and has been at it since 2011, however, this will be his very first WBC. 50 States of Wine focuses on attempting to, at a bare minimum, taste a wine from each of the 50 states. Kovas would eventually like to travel to a winery in every state, but will settle for just a taste, if need be.

An interesting goal to say the least! He should be able to knock out several states at the WBC as folks are always bringing unique things from their home states. I’ve had a wine from Indiana and a Dandelion wine from NH while in attendance, so all things are possible. Be sure to check out Kovas’ blog and give him a hearty welcome to the WBC. (I can’t find a photo of him, but will be happy to add one if it is provided!)

Recipient Profile: Becca Yeamans

Head-shotBecca Yeamans is the author of the Academic Wino and 2-time WBC scholarship recipient. Becca joined us for the first time in 2012 at the Portland, OR WBC and returns for another go this year in Penticton, BC. (See, clearly we aren’t all the scary if the newbs want to come back for a second go at it.)

This is Becca’s second year as a wine blogger as well. Her blog takes a different twist from many of the wine blogs out there and looks at scientific articles on wine, wine making, etc. She breaks down scholarly articles for the rest of us little people to help us understand the science behind wine making, tasting, drinking and much more. Becca’s background is in biology and environmental science, which seems to lend itself incredibly well to her blog’s pursuit.

We are thrilled to have Becca joining us for her second WBC and look forward to getting to know her even better.

Donor Profile: Megan Kenney

Photo on 2013-05-04 at 12.05 #5This is a little awkward. In that no one tells you that you have toilet paper hanging from your shoe sort of way. I’m writing my own donor profile for the WBC Scholarship page.  In any event, I’m Megan Kenney, aka Sonadora, aka Wannabe Wino.  I’ve been a part of the WBC Scholarship since its inception, as Thea’s partner in crime in brainstorming the original idea and getting it off the ground. I’ve also been a donor every year (I think, right Thea??) and I’ve been on the Scholarship Committee for at least 2 years, maybe more.  So basically I’m a jack of all trades.

I’m also a wine blogger, at it nearly 7 years now. I’ve been an attendee at all but one WBC (I have an excuse, I was pregnant for the one I missed) and hope to continue attending for many years to come. Can I salute myself? That would make this even more awkward, right? Instead, I’ll just say that I’m honored to be a part of this effort and to be able to contribute to helping folks make the WBC a possibility. Oh, and P.S. Please come see me and Thea and Kathleen Rake make fools of ourselves on our panel at WBC this year.

Donor Profile: Craig Camp

craig webIf perchance, you are part of the wine blog world, or wine world in general and have yet to meet Craig Camp, you are most certainly missing out. Besides being a prolific (and among the first) wine blogger, he has been in the world of wine for many many years. He currently wears the hat as CEO and chief bottlewasher at Cornerstone Cellars in Napa Valley.  Under Craig’s direction, Cornerstone has grown tremendously and now encompasses the Cornerstone line, the Cornerstone Oregon line, and the Stepping Stone by Cornerstone line.

Craig has been an ardent supporter of wine bloggers and the wine blogger conference, both as a participant in every WBC to date and a donor to the WBC scholarship fund since its inception. We salute Craig for all he has done for wine blogging and urge you pay him a visit next time you travel through Napa.