Donor Profile: Debbie is a Happy Bitch and the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess!

webemailusefinal227 copyDebbie Gioquindo is a remarkable woman with many hats! This generous donor is not only the co-
founder of Happy Bitch Wines, but is also a Certified Travel Counselor, a Certified Specialist of Wine, and a wine location specialist. She spins her craft through her wine blog Hudson Valley Wine Goddess with the primary mission of educating folks about wine.

With a strong background in Marketing, Debbie also consults for wineries and other small business for their marketing and social media needs, while also conducting wine tastings and wine seminars to promote wine education in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

As if she didn’t already have so much on her plate, Debbie is also the chairperson of the Hudson Valley Wine & Spirits Competition that is takes place every year at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival.

Follow Debbie on Facebook and Twitter and find her at WBC!

Thank you, Debbie, for your generous and continued support of the WBC Scholarship!

Blogger Profile: Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) with a passion for wine!

Blogging for the last 2.5 years, Alissa is the one and only SAHMmelier!  This former teacher-come-stay-at-
home-mom (and award-winning poet!), Alissa has a passion for wine, food, and education. Through  her blog, SAHMmelier, Alissa aims to make wine approachable. As a foodie, she enjoys experimenting with food and wine pairings and provides recipes to her readers.  As a mom, she likes to add in a little heart-felt humor or sentimental struggles, as any parent would understand.

After being involved with a strong and active community of Women Wine Writers online, Alissa is looking forward to the opportunity to meet and interact in person with many of those she calls her inspirations and mentors.

Finally, Alissa is based in the Texas Hill Country, so attending the WBC will give her the opportunity to introduce and promote Texas wine.

Let’s give Alissa a warm welcome to the WBC family! Follow her on Facebook: and Twitter and give her a shout out at the conference!