Blogger Recipiant: Meg Shannon has a lot of Palate Practice!


Meet Meg Shannon, one of our 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship recipients!

Meg founded Palate Practice in 2015, spurred on by a family that always welcomed wine to the table. Her stepfather introduced her to the art of wine tasting and appreciation.

Through Palate Practice, Meg invites readers to “ask your most embarrassing wine-related questions and be met with love and answers.”

Writing is her favorite part of running a blog, but as she’s gone from a casual wine taster to passing her WSET Level 3 with distinction, she’s ready to admit she’s fully crossed over into wine geek territory.

Part of what Meg hopes to get out of the Wine Bloggers Conference is developing a way to invite readers to fully nerd out with her over wine without losing her charm as a “goofy, informal, approachable friend you can come to for cool wine trivia stories and answers to wine-related questions, ” per her post on her WSET results. Of course, she also looks forward to networking with fellow wine bloggers and supporters of the industry.

Meg lives in Toronto, Ontario, so she joins the fold of awesome Canadian bloggers attending the #wbc17.  Her day job involves lobbying on behalf of the nonprofit Professional Association of Canadian Theaters and her writing interests include short story, memoir, fantasy, and playwrighting, but it’s safe to say that wine blogging reigns among her passions.  She is excited to attend her first WBC!

We can’t wait to meet you Meg!  See you in 19 days!

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