Blogger Recipient: Jenn Nelson is full of Wine Antics

The WBC Scholarship Fund is delighted to award the Ethnifacts Diversity Grant to Jenn Nelson of Wine Antics.  Adding diversity to the content creation world, beyond blogging, Jenn is a military veteran and has re-invented herself many times over to become Wine Antics.

Jenn is a second-time attendee to the Wine Bloggers Conference, having made the trip to Lodi last year.




Jenn live blogs, mostly via Facebook Live, about wine, beer, and spirits on a weekly basis, and feels the platform best fits with how she enjoys sharing her love of wine with others. Jenn had been doing the Facebook Live wine thing since 2016, but had previously tried different channels before settling on Facebook.

She hales from the DC area and is looking forward to experiencing the WBC in its original home in Sonoma.

Make sure to check out her upcoming Halloween special on Facebook on Thursday 10/26!

Wine Antics (facebook)

Imbibe Live (facebook)






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