Donor Profile: Larry Schaffer of Tercero Wines

larryschafferLike many winemakers, Larry Schaffer studied viticulture and enology at UC Davis. Those that know Larry, know him in several different ways. He is a father, teacher, foodie, baker, often making us drool at his bread photo postings, garagiste of stellar Rhônes, and Larry is what some might call: Rhône to the bone!”  

Larry’s passion for Rhone varietals is expressed in his Los Olivos winery, Tercero and Rhône Ranger support. He is often seen at small “mom and pop” wine shops and events pouring wine from beakers. Yes, beakers. Like the ones in a science lab, and reason for his nickname as the “mad scientist.”

Anyone that meets Larry, or follows his Facebook postings, will likely tell you he appreciates a good dialog. Larry asks thought provoking questions, truly wants to engage, and hear people’s perspective. If you have not experienced his Mourvedre Rose, “Cuvee Christie” (GSM+), or other great wines, they are well worth seeking.

 Larry Shaffer is a true supporter of the SBC region, and as I compose this little piece on Larry, I consider him one of the good guys, and friend.

Editor’s Note:  Larry recently started the uber cool blog, Wine Verbiage, where he discusses everythign from what’s up in thePicture industry, to how to succeed in business by making really awesome wine, and what it means to be a blogger.  Go check ti out!  Stop by and see Larry on Twitter, and also at WBC where he will be pouring his wine and speaking on a panel.

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