Go go Vino with our Corporate Donor – Hello Vino

Hello Vino LogoHello Vino, the app that helps you choose wines, is one of our corporate donors and has generously provided the souvenir GoVino glasses which you’ll be holding in your hand at WBC! 

As a product designer, developer, marketer, and web agency business owner from San Francisco since 2002, founder Rick Breslin started Hello Vino in 2009. Hello Vino is an app for “non wine snobs” who want to match foods with wine for any occasion.  User reviews, customer ratings, photos, wine tasting preferences, food and wine pairings, wine label image scanner, and location based recommendations are just a few characteristics of this wine app highly rated by the New York Times, Mashable, and NPR. Rick Breslin


Thank you, Rick and the Hello Vino team for your support!  Please find one of the Scholarship Committee reps to get your souvenir GoVino, courtesy of HelloVino!

Editor’s Note:  Check out Hello Vino on twitter, and their app page here!  Available for both iPhone and Android, Rick and the team are avid blogger fans and have many blogger provided reviews available on HelloVino.  Want to know what  your friends are drinking?  Check it out!

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