Donor Profile: Lorie Perone

Lorie Perrone is not only a donor, she is also one of our Committee members, and was a Wine Blogger Scholarship recipiant last year!  She is the triple threat, who calls herself a professional amateur wine expert.

Lorie has been an independent wine consultant for several years, and also worked in sales for an importer and retailer.  Wine to Lorie is akin to the game of golf – once the bug catches you it becomes a lifelong pursuit. Her personal goal is to taste as many different wines as she can, and continue to learn more about them along the way.

In 2011, she enrolled as a member of the Society of Wine Educators in pursuit of her CSW (certified specialist in wine). One of the highlights of that year was being able to attend the Wine Bloggers Conference in 2011 in Charlottesville, VA, due to the Wine Bloggers Scholarship efforts.  She found the experience was extraordinary, and wrote about it for us here.  At the WBC, Lorie was able to bond with a community of like minded individuals, and make enduring friendships with people all over the country.  While in awe of the wine knowledge all around her, she still felt as if she really belong amongst them and had something to contribute.  That is my primary mission as the Chair of the Scholarship Committee – to allow bloggers of all types to experience that feeling.

After a 20+ year career in the newspaper industry, Lorie was unemployed and trying to increase her social media skills and wine knowledge, in the hopes that it would lead to some new career path. After her trip to the WBC, she has been able to parlay that expertise in to freelance writing assignments, including regular contributions to the Palate PressExaminer.comFruit Growers News, as well as a full time copy writing position in tourism marketing for the Greater merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau.  With this job, she can imbibe her passion for wine, writing, and travel planning.  Congrats on your accomplishments Lorie!

We salute you and your amazing year, and thank you for both your financial support of the scholarship, as well as helping us select this year’s recipiants!

Please stop by and say hi to Lorie at Wining Ways, on Facebook, and Twitter!  She is also available to conduct private in-home wine tastings, tastings for charitable events and fundraisers, corporate appreciation events, seminars, and guided wine trail tours.


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