Donor Profile: Jason Phelps, Ancient Fine Wine

Jason Phelps is a blogger with many talents.  Last year, at WBC 11, he came to Virginia with an open mind and an open heart, as both a first time attendee and also a WBC Scholarship recipient.

As a first time attendee, he wrote about some of his expectations here, including learning how other bloggers blog, meeting the community, and getting inspired.  Once he returned home, he continued to write about what the WBC inspired him to do, which included finding inspiration, and focusing his blog on areas of speciality.

Pretty great lessons learned from a WBC Scholarship kid!  I’m delighted to see him come full circle, and donate to this year’s scholarship fund so he can help support our next batch of bad ass wine (beverage) bloggers (writers).

Thank you Jason for your enthusiasm, your insight, and your support of this years WBC Scholarship Fund!  We salute you and hope to see you in Portland!

Please give him a shout out at @ancientfirewine and check out the blog Ancient Fire Wine Blog!

Donor Profile: Debbie Gioquindo, the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Debbie Gioquindo is the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess.  What started out as an interest turned into a passion and that was the beginning says Debbie.

Debbie’s background is in marketing, and she has worked for a local TV and radio station, as well as owning a travel agency (one that focuses on sending people to the wine regions of the world).  She has also worked as a wine marketing consultant to the wineries in the Hudson Valley.

Beyond her wine career, Debbie has worked for a regional health insurance company doing community relations and social media marketing, until being downsized in February 2011. While on twitter deciding what she wanted to do with the rest of my life, she saw a tweet by @TheHappyBitch, a collegue, and so became a partnership made in Hudson Valley Wine heaven.

Wine has always been a passion of hers, and in 2006 Debbie began blogging about wine focusing on the wine region she grew up in – The Hudson River Valley region.  In 2010 she became a Certified Specialist of Wine, and in 2012 Debbie earned her Wine Location Specialist designation in Champagne and Port.

Debbie has been supporting the WBC Scholarship for several years, and we truly appreciate her support.  She has met some wonderful people and created great friendships through the wine blogging community and have learned a lot from them as well.  She feels that there is no better way to give back than to give another aspiring wine blogger a chance to network, learn and create new relationships by attend the Wine Bloggers Conference.


Debbie lives in Hudson Valley with her husband Paul, two children and dog. She is still looking for a day job to support her wine habit, but we’re happy she is a proud member of our wine blogging family!  We salute you Debbie, and thank you for your continued appreciation and support our our Scholarshp Fund!

Please visit her blog, and say hello to her on twitter!