Keynote speaker Rex Pickett will turn WBC12 on it’s side!

Rex PickettIt will great anticipation that I’m pleased to report that author Rex Pickett will be our second keynote speaker at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland.

Having just attended the Pinot Noir Summit this weekend, where Rex and fellow blogger Alana Gentry of Girl with a Glass hosted an intimate chat, Pickett is excited about talking to the blogger contingent about social media, blogging, and writing.

I find Rex to be engaging, self deprecating, knowledgeable, and hilarious, and am thrilled that he’s getting on a plane for little ole bloggers!

He has written several books and screenplays, and of course, notably, Sideways.  Recently, the follow up to Sideways – Vertical romps through Oregon wine country, making him a natural speaker.

Special boxed sets will be available for purchase at the conference as well, featuring Sideways and its newly released sequel, Vertical.

Please give Rex a shout out on twitter, as he’s interested in talking to us and learning more about twitter.  Give him some love!  Having already hosted one #winechat, he will follow you back, and also engage you if you have any writing questions!

I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us!

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Portland, here we come!

It’s hard to believe but this year marks the 5th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference.  How time has flown!  It feels like yesterday that I started my blog, and the first small gaggle of die hards gathered in Santa Rosa for the first WBC.

Here we are, in 2012, and we’r eheaded up to Portland to celebrate the biggest Wine Bloggers Conference yet!

This year, we welcome keynote speaker Randall Graham of Bonny Doon fame, and author of Been Doon So Long.  Randall is a rebel in the wine industry who knows what he wants and goes for it.  While the 2nd keynote hasn’t been announced yet, you know it will be amazing.  There will be content galore, and lots of visits to local wineries to celebrate what makes Oregon unique.

as you know, we couldn’t run this Scholarship with you.  This is the 4th year that the WBC Scholarship has been in existence, and while it is certainly hard work and takes many hours of organization, thought, and blogging, it’s well worth it.  To date, we have 6 applications and  7 donations, many of which are repeat contributors.  We are well on our way!  Over the last 4 years we have sent over 30 bloggers to various Wine Bloggers Conferences around the country.

If you’re wondering why you should consider donating, consider this.

  • Donations are subject to tax deductible rules of a 501c foundation, with the help of our partner Enobytes.
  • Bloggers do influence the wine world, and there will be a specific breakout to discuss this topic.
  • Bloggers are morphing in to online media specialists.  While we may or may not be journalists per se, the retail world in general is taking notice and making sure that we are heard, via blogs, twitter, facebook, and other social media channels.
  • There are over 5000 wine blogs around the world.  The fortunate few who are able to attend the WBC will be able to learn from the best, share experiences, and network with industry experts.
  • You will have the undying admiration of myself and all the scholarship recipients!

Thank you to our generous donors, who I will be highlighting in the coming weeks.  We appreciate your support!