Donor Profile: I know it’s SOMEWHERE in the “Vino File”

Spoiler Alert: Scholarship Redux….well, kind of.

Scott Wadlow, the publisher of “The Vino File” brings a wonderful voice of character to the wine blogosphere.

Of course, Scott writes interesting wine reviews on a range of varietals and types of wines. He uses a well defined point scoring system, likes to educate his readers and, of course, be educated by them and also appreciates an interaction on a variety of mediums including on twitter where he answers to @thevinofile.

..and while Scott likes to engage his readers for a variety of reasons the one he’s most excited about is plain old FUN. That’s right. Nothing complicated, no creative adjectives or $10 words. Fun.

There’s great transparency in the simple things. Nothing to get in the way. Nothing to confuse. Read some reviews, drink some wine, engage in a discussion or two, learn a bit, teach a bit. Simple. FUN!  I think what Scott is getting at is, for him, it’s not about the technical geekdom of a wine but rather about the experiences that wine brings to enhancing life.

It’s quite nice to see that enhancing life is a big part of his “Raison d’être“….and now to the REDUX part. Scott was a WBC Scholarship recipient in 2010. I met him in Walla Walla, WA for the first time and really enjoyed his take on blogging. This year, he returns the favor so that someone else may enjoy the experience that he did, may meet new friends and colleagues and might just learn how to have some fun!



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