Blogger Profile: Lorie Perrone has Wining Ways!

Lorie Perrone has always had an interest in wine.  Being an East Coaster, there werent’ as many opportunities to attend courses at places like UC Davis.  Facing this challenge, Lorie started an intense program of self learning.  Eventually landing a job with a wine importer, this afforded Lorie the the opportunity learn the business from the producers’ and wholesalers’ point of view.

Getting the same questions asked over and over again, Lorie started a blog to answer them and help people that were just beginning their wine journey.  Written from the perspective of a “professional amateur expert”, Wining Ways posts about education for people just starting to appreciate wine, professional education, tips, some trivia, and food and wine pairing. By giving people access to the tools decide what they like, Lorie doesn’t focus on specific recommendations.

As a freelance wine writer, Lorie is looking forward to networking with wine professionals and experienced bloggers.  We look forward to having you and sharing Lorie!

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See you in Virginia!



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