Blogger Profile: Kay Zink writes about wine, A to Zinfandel

Kay Zink has always had a love of all things international, including international wines.  Earning a dual Bachelors Degree inn Business and French, Kay’s passion for the world didn’t stop there.  She plowed through her Master’s in International Marketing and further studies in French.  Phew!  Not to be marked an underachiever, she left Texas for Wall Street in the 80s.  Jump forward a few years, and Kay was driving around LA.  A career change landed her in IT (yay! Us wine bloggers have a bit of an IT posse going here), she left the tech world in 2007 to focus on wine.

After this wild ride in the professional world, Kay pursued a formal study of wine.  She currently holds a Wine Fundamentals 1 Diploma from the International Sommelier Guild and is now working towards her CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) certification.  In her spare time, she is a member of hte Wine Century Club, where you taste 100 varietals of wine to earn a certificate of achievement.

New to the blogging world, Kay has been a wine consultant and has a large following on Facebook.  She also runs a boutique social media and online marketing firm that specializes in wine and food.  She is looking forward to honing her blogging skills and learning how to document her ourney of education and self renewal as well as meeting some of the finest and most influential bloggers at the WBC.

Welcome Kay!  I look forward to meeting you and sharing our wealth of knowledge!

Please check out Kay’s blog and her Facebook. She can also be found on Twitter!


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