Blogger Profile: Wine Harlot, Nannette Eaton

Nannette Eaton IS the Wine Harlot!  The Harlots’ object is to, quite simply, get people to enjoy wine.  While some sites can be dull or unapproachable, Wine Harlots strives to get people out of their comfort zone and join in a global journey of wine, one bottle of a time.

Nannette is exited to be joining us from the San Diego area, and is counting on her first Wine Prom to be the best!  As she stated, “you’ll be fulfilling this little girls dream”.  We’re happy to oblige you!  And while no, it’s not the Miss America Pageant, it IS the Miss Wine Blogger Pageant.  Oh.  Sort of.  But we’re excited to have you join us at WBC for the first time, adding a fresh voice and fresh view ot the 4th Annual WBC!

Welcome to the club!

Please stop by and say hi to Nannette at @wineharlots and take a peek at her blog.  You can also find them on Facebook.

See you in 36 days!



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  • As long as the Miss Wine Blogger Pageant doesn’t feature a “wet t-shirt contest” I’m in!

    Thanks so much to the Wine Bloggers Scholarship Committee for selecting me, as well as the Layer Cake for their endowment and all of the other contributers to the scholarship. I really appreciate it, and am looking forward to meeting all the people who I only know virtually.

    Virginia, here I come!


    Nannette Eaton

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